Content warning for sex worker-phobic language bit later (around 11:55) in the video.

Nostalgia Critic’s Spawn movie review took a shot at questioning randomly sexy assassin lady costume, which results in an exchange quite familiar to this blog:

-Anybody who dresses like that is NOT gonna take their job seriously.*
-What am I supposed to wear?
-Armor, bulletproof vest, a mask to hide your face!
-How are people supposed to know that I’m a woman?
-It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman. It’s actually better if they don’t know you’re a woman, because then you’d be harder to find!

Bonus points for this particular character being one of antagonists, which feeds squarely into “evil is sexy” cliche.

Especially since all her killer co-workers, including pre-Spawn Al Simmons (who she replaces as the top assassin), dress sensibly.

When will the day of pec-window male assassins come?


* We assume Doug meant any job where serious personal injury is a regular risk.

I remember when the Spawn movie flopped, the creator of the franchise, Todd McFarlane, blamed the director for taking too much creative license (which was hilarious in itself McFarlane himself left Marvel due to them not allowing him enough creative license).

So perhaps we should be grateful for that “creative license”, given what we’ve seen in other MacFarlane productions.


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