Nibelung submitted:

Hey, remember Niele? From the same Campaign Setting (Tormenta), we are presented to Shivara Sharpblade, Queen-Empress of a coalition of nations called “The Reinado”. This picture is from she leading an army to invade Mordor an area of Tormenta. As you can notice, she is adequately empowered to such mission. 

I can’t help but notice that her entire outfit seems to be designed entirely for being viewed from this angle.  We are apparently meant to believe that she went to her armorer and told them that she’s going to have someone following her and standing at this exact location, and their arousal was the top priority.

Presumably this is because she is somehow aware that she is a character in an RPG and that the viewer is going to somehow ensure that image of her appears on the cover of the book.

It seems the Tormenta crew recently decided to go with more or less the same concept, but change the composition and provide her with armor that makes her look like she’s actually going to war:


Maybe they’ve finally learned and they’re not going to put this kind of stuff on their books anymore….


Nope… apparently they’ve decided that it’s just for internal art and bikini armor covers will never get old.

– wincenworks