Hey there! I mentioned to my boyfriend (a pretty avid gamer) how ridiculous and useless female armor usually is in games, and he responded that “women would get mad if they wore the same armor as the men”. I’m not sure how one would prove such a claim, so I thought I’d ask here. How would you respond to that?

How would I respond?


I remember nearly two years ago, someone tried to tell us that women didn’t like Samus until got those (aesthetically awful) high heels and well it seems that that person was wrong.  Very wrong. Profanity outburst inducingly wrong.  It’s also more or less got it’s own Rhetoric Bingo square:



While it is certainly true that some women greatly enjoy some heavily sexualised female characters (and we’re totally okay with that), the notion that somehow there isn’t a demand for different types of female characters and different armor options in games and other media is just absurd.

A three volume anthology of stories to provide “characters with feminist overtones” (many, many of them seem to be armored very much like men…) was fully funded! Over a quarter of a million dollars has been pledged to the project – that doesn’t happen unless there is massive demand.

There are plenty of women out there who want big, hulking suits of armor and the ones who don’t are hardly going to get mad at a game that respects the notion of gender equality. 


– wincenworks