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As much as how much I love Dungeon Fighter Online and the player character’s designs, I personally think this outfit certainly fits here.

So this is the 2nd awakening cut-in art for the Dark Templar class, it features a breast-plate with no shoulder straps slapped onto a naked torso. Not to mention her thigh highs have patches of skin exposed, and the artist even took extra effort to make the bared skin bulge out a bit.

It’s a bit unfortunate considering that her 1st awakening cut-in art has her more modesty dressed.


Yeah… I think it is safe to say that Dungeon Fighter Online has a few issues relating to female armor and costume design.


Which is kind of shame since they seem to genuinely love interacting with their community but apparently really buy into the myths that sex sells (along with other harmful myths).  It’s particularly a shame in this case, because the Dark Templar can look pretty badass:


If you squint you can ever pretend she’s wearing pants!

– wincenworks