artist unknown

Jagi & Athyra by Eric Belisle, an interior piece from Pathfinder Adventure Path #38: Racing to Ruin—part two of the Serpent Skull Adventure Path.


Wow, this is is pretty much a perfect textbook illustration of design priorities in opposition to the story.  The character’s concept is both someone from a primitive background where they have minimum technology… and yet they’re clad almost entirely in luxury fashion items that serve no real purpose.

She’s got:

  • Underboob
  • Numerous decorations
  • Fancy leg warmers (in a presumably tropical environment based off her lack of other clothing
  • A hairstyle that looks it was borrowed from some contemporary style to suggest an “exotic” background

She hasn’t got:

  • Breast support
  • A slingbag or other means to carry anything bigger than two handfuls
  • Shoes, footwraps or anything else to protect her feet
  • Armpit hair or any signs she spends less than three hours a day grooming to comply with modern beauty standards

It really looks more like it’s a fancy dress outfit for a party held by artistocrats who live disconnected from the world and indifferent to the suffering of the masses.

Rather than someone who survives in “the Screaming Jungle, one of the deadliest wildernesses on all of Golarion.”

– wincenworks