Nibelung submitted:

“Petra”, from the opening cutscene of Dungeons & Dragons Online. Would be an amazing robe, but they had to show some underboob and belly. 

The interesting part is that on the cutscene itself you can barely notice the belly window (she is not a NPC in the game itself), but since the game is completing 10 years this month, the devs are releasing some concept arts, and then we get full view of her for the second time. (First one was on the box art)

It’s kind of funny because even though it was released only three years ago, I feel suspicious that someone at Neverwinter’s design team decided that they’d import this particular style into their game.  Since you know, Dungeons and Dragons and stuff. 


 (from @repair-her-armorx )

Oh the creativity… it’s so amazing.

For someone… apparently.

– wincenworks