I don’t draw fantasy much but I figured I need to do some for like portfolios n shit. It’s not properly finished but I’m too tired to check all the edges. So I used armour from Norton Armouries where my boyfriend works (and I’ve worked at a few times) so it’s real armour that you can buy, link below. Since it’s a female orc I though I’d tag in @bikiniarmorbattledamage since it’s non-bikini-semi-sensible armour for an orc which they sometimes like to post instead of the bad stuff. I added beads to the hair cos she likes to accessorise and aint afraid to be feminine.!product/prd1/877232854/orc-armour-set

Lady orc warriors that don’t look just like supermodels painted green (or blue) are always welcome on BABD, especially when they wear non-sexualized armor (or, at the very least, are equally empowered across all genders)!

This piece also shows the importance of using real armor as reference.
And while she would score some bingo points for having bits of skin uncovered, what’s crucial about that character is how non-objectified her design is.

Thank you for tagging us, @chrissieblog!