Hello, dear friends. It certainly has been a while. I haven’t had a lot of time lately to be angry about costume things. But today, I found the time to get very mad about how terribly misunderstood boobs are, and how misrepresented the relationship between boobs and the people who have them is, especially by people who would design characters with boobs for video games.

So here is my attempt at explaining a few facets of the relationship between a person, their boobs, and clothes. Because like with any external, protruding organ (AHEM), barring some rare circumstances and exceptions (like red carpet events), you’d rather not spend the day constantly aware of its presence.

Okay here’s the revised version of the post about breasts and creating costumes that would be practical for a person with breasts doing rigorous video game actiony things.  The OP changed some stuff to make clearer what they meant (there were some misconceptions, including that they were saying the breast shapes of the 3 images below were unrealistic when they were talking about the impracticality of the outfits for sustained physical activity) and I removed the old post on their request. 🙂

Reblogging again for anybody this might be useful for.

A little bit off-topic, but still relevant in many cases this blog discusses.

If we add ignorance of how boobs work to ignorance of how clothes made of metal work, the result very often is boobplate, very often with added ‘benefit’ of being unprobably skin-tight.

If this tutorial have been up earlier I would have linked it in my requested critique. What a handy guide!

Reblogging again for the revised version. Old post deleted already.

Speaking of ligerie, corsets and the way they interact with boobs and laws of physics, here’s a throwback relevant to the topic.

Sadly, all this basic info and reference seems to elude many artists, which often results in things like that:


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To put it simply, @boobsdontworkthatway!


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