Dear The Chosen, I’m at a loss at words… Seriously, at this point why bother putting any clothes on them? Do they even wear anything below the waist? Just cut to the chase, and make straight out porn, who are you kidding with this “game”…?

Watching the video the women do seem to have more clothed versions as well, but all the screenshots and most of their video appearances feature the mostly naked version, clearly showing which one the developers felt more important. (Marked the “looks nothing like the male version” because, though not a single male character appears in CG form, the sprites look significantly more covered. Though they aren’t all necessarily the same outfit, but at least the “armoured” girl qualifies as roughly the same.)

For the record here are the more covered versions from the video:


Even these would manage to score a few marks on the bingo.

The combination of the highly original title and these screencaps makes me think that since this game is NOT a fantasy beauty pageant adventure (where 50% of the pageant is the swimsuit section).

Instead it’s apparently (based on reviews) a super generic RPG that asks the question “Will you become the Chosen?”, suggesting that they missed the whole point of being a “Chosen” is someone else chooses you.

Unsurprising that they chose to promote it by showing the characters transform from “fully” clad to underwear. It’s not like they bothered to offer anything else.

– wincenworks