Justice League vs. Teen Titans, a sequel to Justice League War and Justice League Throne of Atlantis is coming up in March and… One of those things is not like the others!

Poor Starfire, it looks like after getting a relatively* nice costume, she was approached by a rabid Creepy Marketing Guy with a pair of scissors. 

Boob window’s absurdity goes without saying, but… are hip-holes becoming a thing in superhero fashion? Is that some bizarre way of compensating for belly skin that isn’t exposed?

It’s a shame, considering how cool Raven looks, and that this is the continuity that gave us Wonder Woman in an outfit that won’t slide off her boobs.


Of course, all of those female designs could look less painted-on, especially less boobsock-y, but I guess superheroine costumes always ask to set standards bar rather low.


*How short is that skirt anyway? I swear it ends at the level her crotch should be. Not a recommended length for someone who can fly.

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