I can’t believe we’re still having this conversation but if you can look at look at the number of revealing and blatantly “sexy” female armor designs, compared the the number of comparable male designs, and then honestly look me in the eye and say there isn’t a ridiculous and offensive imbalance, then your perception is skewed and frankly baffling.

and inb4 upset messages from anyone who genuinely likes the revealing female armor sets, that is literally not my point. I’m happy for you, honestly, I’m glad you have armor that you enjoy putting your character in (it must be nice). The point I’m making here is that we deserve to have choices on both sides, instead of having bare breasts, midriffs, and thighs shoved in our faces on ladies and nothing but bulky coats on dudes.

“It goes both ways” ceases to be a valid argument when there are LITERALLY five times as many sexy/revealing armor sets for women as for men. 

We regularly get people pointing to Guild Wars as a positive example, and while we are happy that it does include some sensible armor for women, and doesn’t limit the cheesecake treatment to women, it still has a lot of issues.

– wincenworks