lightlaurein submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

Doing it right and then doing it very, very wrong. This game… All done by different artists for the same game, but the majority of the characters/cards are definitely on the lesser side of having clothing.

I’m on mobile so I can’t fill out a bingo card, but I’m pretty sure I’d probably get a bingo, or 5 ways to bingo with one more space. I mean, you have the metal thong, magic metal bikini…


In our experience, Legend of the Cryptids for every one decently armored woman usually delivers a ton of painfully generic ones in armor bikinis. Hell, they can’t even do a dude in sexy armor without ruining it with female boobs and butts all around him.

It’s pretty amazing they felt the need to actually make the word “seductive” a part of Leona’s name, to be sure you don’t confuse her with, say, a guardian angel. As we all know, bikini armor so totally informs us that a character is a skilled seductress and no-one else within the same franchise could possibly have the same dress code.

That game is a treasure trove of “creative” sexualized lady design.


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