Here’s a find for you guys

phieluminando submitted:


In portuguese: “Advanced drawing lessons”

“Drawing female warriors” (guerreiras)“

Who knew that drawing something as “creative” as a contorted red-haired barbarian warrior lady in a battle bikini would require advanced lessons?

Oh, the self-demonstratingly inept “How to draw…” books. They are an artform of their own, just not in the sense their authors intended. This sort of handbook is special enough to get its own tag now: bad drawing guides.

@eschergirls also has a tag devoted to such books – enter only if you’re not afraid of terrible advice for drawing anatomy. 
And this particular cover was featured in there too. No wonder, seeing how this lady’s pose is quite literally a zigzag and how dislocated her head is. Hell, the sketch on the left illustrates clearly that her neck was drawn to grow straight out of her shoulder!