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Do you know Shania from Shadow Hearts From the new World? The Series is great but spicked with large sexism. And you are able in each game to peak at the underwear of the female members. The third game of the series makes it very easy as you see.


Shania is a so called harmonixer. Harmonixer can fuse their soul with monsters. In game 1 and 2 it was a man called Yuri who’s transformation just needed seconds. And even when one fusion was nude, it wasn’t sexualized.


But here she needs a half minute in close shot for transforming and is this sexy native clichè. And all her transformations are impractical.

You already had Lady from that game, but I think she is far worse in design.

There’s just so many horrifying questions raised by this

The mind boggles… and recoils.

– wincenworks