@nightmarelyre submitted:

While Rebecca’s cheerleader outfit seems like a terrible idea during a bio toxic zombie outbreak, I think we can all agree that Billy is empowered for the job

@countaile submitted:

I’ve logged on into my steam account, got a link to the new Resident Evil’s pre-order page with this picture in it, and… May we discuss how refreshing it is to see a girl getting a normal (albeit a tad short) cheer leader costume, and a beefy dude getting this ridiculous belt bikini for his impressive pecs? I don’t really follow this franchise, but if there’s more of this in it, it may be worth following.

While it is nice that the RE guys remembered there is a definite demand for empowered men, it’s kind of telling that they had to give him that over the top gun to remind people “just because he’s sexy, doesn’t mean he’s not badass”… meanwhile Rebecca is literally Capcom’s cheerleader and merchandise model.

– wincenworks