So… initially I thought that Lady Hellbender was the Totally Awesome Hulk… but then I noticed the green guy and the alternative cover.  So despite the obvious issues of her costume, I figured I’d look into who she was and wy she was on the cover. And why was she wearing lingerie instead of armor?


Yes, she’s been around for literally two issues and we’re already being sold on the idea she’ll want to bang the Hulk.  Now her costume makes sense… good job on being refreshingly honest Marvel.

– wincenworks

A friend at @hellyeahteensuperheroes informed me that so far in the story it’s only the (new) Hulk who shows attraction towards Hellbender, not the other way round. The last image is a cover for the yet unpublished issue #4, so this will probably change… or maybe Frank Cho, the artist known for his hilarious jokes about women in comics, is just teasing.

Also, Hellbender’s design is so uninspired that apparently readers tend to confuse her with Harley Queen.
Um, Marvel… if your new character looks so generic that people think she’s a popular DC villain, you’re prooobably doing something wrong.

The only (for the lack of a better word) original thing I see in her costume are those bars on her pelvis that seem to emulate how a thong looks. Which really doesn’t speak well of what the designer’s priorities are.