So, at first glance BloodRealm was just another Facebook/Android/Steam game that was doing the ever popular rip off mythologies for names and ideas while ignoring the actual stories. (And of course there’s an obligatory Red Sonja ripoff)  Until I got to Nemain (the bottom image) who is supposed to be a Gaul goddess.

Now, briefly glossing over that the Gauls made such great armor that the Roman invaders incorporated aspects such as mail into their own gear – this is perhaps the worst boobplate I have ever seen.

Not only is it supposed to be “armor” that is form fitting, it actually appears to be so flimsy and thin you can see her areola underneath it… and it has this weird sliver of underboob in the middle but only on one side.

I guess maybe they figured since everything else about this game was going to painfully generic and dull… they wanted to pioneer new ways to make terrible boob armor.  If that’s the case, I think they succeeded.

 – wincenworks