I’ve been playing some Elsword recently, and I decided that I couldn’t leave this un-bingoed. The elf is Rena in Night Watcher form, one of her advanced class options. No bingo, but pretty close.

I feel like her hair, the cape, and that weird belt-overskirt thing must get in the way a lot.

It’s amazing how a design this busy can be also that lazy and generic. So many details and needless accessories, yet not a single drop of genuine creativity was poured into that costume. 

Just a “Draw a naked animu elf girl with marbles on her chest, paint the mandatory and optional areas from this chart green, add as many belts, feathers and flowy fabric to trip over as possible. Don’t forget to make her hold her weapon entirely wrong.” approach. And that’s a high-end “armor” in this game? Creative freedom, everyone!