@drkory submitted:

It’s 2016 and even in recently released games, we’re still getting the same old boring and ridiculous tropes. This is Sphere 3 where yet again the ladies don’t have access to practical combat armor. I can’t even laugh about this anymore. It’s just getting so old.

Look how naturally her outfit blends in with the outfits of the commoner NPCs in the game, clearly it’s all part of the world building.

I mean clearly she is a priest of this culture. (No seriously that’s her class according to the web site).

How could anyone question the design priorities and the creativity of this indisputable masterpiece!?

Also looking around on this I noticed that they had dwarfs listed as a race and naturally went to check if the lady dwarfs even look like they’re related to the male dwarfs… well um… 


– wincenworks