@cortair submitted:

So I was cruising around the internet and I found this interesting ad for an Aliens vs Predators game which I thought showed perfect examples of male empowerment! See, they are so intimidating that they don’t need full protection!

I’ve always found it kind of interesting that while their faces are… certainly interesting and perhaps worthy of academic discussion, Predators always have the most fabulous and empowering wardrobes:


Leather codpieces, fishnets… these guys have got it going on. Sadly it appears that this advertising is misleading as the concept art and screenshots show neither empowered male human soldiers nor fetishware savvy aliens… probably because it’s from the same people who brought us Stormfall and Nords.

So naturally it’s just another generic sci-fi RTS with the AVP branding used for marketing only… and no bold, shirtless warriors to compensate us for that.

– wincenworks