Indivisible is a crowd-funded RPG by the creators of Skullgirls, the project was successfully funded and flooded our inbox with requests for commentary.  It opened up with the trailer below, and revealed more info and characters as it reached funding goals.

Now, as you can see the cast game has a very diverse cast both in terms of demographics, and in quality of attire.  

While overall it’s easy to see why so many people are getting excited about this, a couple of major issues jumped out at me.  So, for now, I’m going to address the matters that are specific to BABD in very broad strokes.

(Obviously this is based entirely off the crowdfunding campaign, since the game isn’t released yet)

Things that are awesome, specifically related to the blog:

These things are not awesome:

  • Phoebe’s outfit seems to be ridiculously sexualized, as though to compensate the audience for her being bulky in size
  • Anja’s transformation in the in game footage doesn’t seem anywhere near as intimidating or powerful, rather more of a cutesy palette swap
  • Qadira doesn’t appear on the line-up above because she was one of the last characters to be revealed.
  • Conventional sexy ladies seemed to be prioritized up the front of the line-up, to the extent Thorani’s gets dangerously close to the women as reward trope.
  • Pretty much all the guys have weapons and/or obvious martial abilities while Thorani, Yan, Phoebe, Zahra and Nuna (ie most of the female early release Incarnations) look support or non-combative roles
  • I have no idea what is going on with Yan’s costume… it looks suspiciously like like a Playboy Bunny outfit.

So overall, there’s some really cool stuff and I can really see why many people are super hyped up for this game, but in the context of the issues this blog examines, there are some big problems here.

Some of them might get changed before release, but a lot of them are also with how they choose to pitch this game.

– wincenworks