@giantpurplecat​ submitted:

I was checking my email and I got a letter from Sideshow Toys, since I subscribed to their newsletter, and I see this lovely thing pop up… And all I’m doing is sitting here, thinking, “Why on Earth did someone think they need to make the Xenomoprh from ‘Aliens’ “sexy”?“

(Here’s the figure from the site: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectibles/alien-vs-predator-alien-girl-hot-toys-902598/ )

Oh, and this figure also comes with a “Barbie” face. Now with 100% more “WTF”.


This is particularly horrifying given that Alien and Aliens are pretty monumental films for in having (mostly) unsexualized female characters who are badass and get shit done.



– wincenworks

Just when I thought the “sexy girl” Freddy and Jason figures sucked out all the horror out of the characters…


And I mean, yeah, this “Alien Girl” is horrifying, but in all the wrong ways. I don’t believe THIS is the sort of creepy sexuality that H. R. Giger’s designs in Alien were supposed to convey.