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Hello! I’m a big fan! 🙂

I wanted to contribute something so took a game that I’m playing for a few years now.
“Pox Nora” is a mix of TCG and turn based strategy.
I’s a nice game, but there are sooo many Bingo targets.
Most of the female units get the bikini armor treatment with some exceptions depending on the artist.
Most of the male units get full coverage with armor or robes, except for animal people and barbarians, in which the men only get leather pants and
a cape, but I think this more like the “heroic nudity” and not for sexualization.

So I picked two units from the Underdepths faction (Demons and Drow-like Elves). I think they get the most bikinis because “Evil is sexy”.

“Almost naked for an adventure in cold climate” will always be selected because there are two ice/snow themed maps. (Some art even shows bikini
clad units in the snow).

First are the Redcap Twins.
I didn’t even know if this is bikini shaped because they just wear a thong/bikini bottom without top O.o
They have cleavage without a bra/clothing.
What’s most impressive are the vests: I was tempted to select “Nipple additions” because they seem to be attached there, but I wasn’t sure.

Second is Hekatian Arbiter.
There are Hekatians and Boks. Female demons, no males in sight and they love bikini armor and thigh-highs.

Both have lots of coverage of the card, but no sadly bingo.
Well it still was fun! 🙂

PS: Your Blog ROCKS! I found many helpful armor resources here. Thank You! 😀

So, I decided to have a quick look at their website to see how they promote this game…

– wincenworks

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