aerialsquid submitted:

One of these profile cards from"Dead Men Tell No Tales" is not like the other. The part that confuses me is that the other woman seems dressed relatively sensibly, this isn’t an instance of all female characters dressing ridiculously in comparison to their male counterparts. It’s just that one going around in the pretty pink bra for no good reason.

(also Lydia is the only one who’s name does not reference the color of her game marker, but a name that sounds suspiciously like the kind a stripper would take as a stage name.)

As it happens, there is apparently a real life dominatrix with that exact same work name and the guys at Mortal Kombat seem pretty convinced that Jade is also a sexy performer name.

Looking at Minions Games other work… I can’t help but notice a bit of a theme going here:

– wincenworks

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