Sexy is not bad. Stripping is not bad. Wearing sexy boots is not bad. You know what is bad? Pandering is. Being a lazy designer at the cost of catching a wider audience is.
A bounty hunter who runs over rugged terrain does not need stripper boots, she needs something with treads and function that can *gasp* still be sexy. I can picture a hybrid boot design that is feminine but rugged, functional but badass.
You know what conveys things like “boosters” and “power” and “high jump”? Springs, coils, energy cells, treads, jets… you don’t have to be literal but you also might want to show, not tell, what a prop does.

High-Jump Stripper Boots! by stephlaberis

Very important quote from this article regarding Samus’s high heels, but it applies to character and costume design in general.


(via bikiniarmorbattledamage)

Worth bringing back that there’s nothing wrong with sexy in itself, but there’s a time and a place for everything.  When you’re trying to convey epic action and epic danger is not the time for epic sexy time clothes.

– wincenworks

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