Anon submitted:

The psychic (mage class) from 7th Dragon 2020 makes me want to cry. This is official art. You can fight dragons in a bikini, open jacket, and shorts literally held together by shoelaces. Not even the chibi model is exempt.


The boobs even wobble in-game.

Here’s a compare and contrast with the “male” version…


What astounds me is that every other design (except 1) is fine. The art is really nice, it’s just…there has to be an almost-naked person with boobs in there for some reason.

If I had to guess at the setting for this based off that outfit, it certainly would not be post-apocalyptic Tokyo.  Looks like yet another example of Creepy Marketing Guy insisting that they need at least one super sexy female character in order for anyone to buy the game.

Which would explain artist is aware of how boobs move, but appears to have been forced to put that ridiculous top on the character and just pretend that it’s glued in place rather than allow the obvious nature consequences.

– wincenworks

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