vraptor140 submitted: 

Been playing HotS for a while and since I’m a follower of this blog I can’t help but think about the selection of female heroes they have. I’ve seen one or two already here due to these being mostly reused Blizzard designs, but it’s interesting to see them all together. Most share the same mistakes, but it’s rather odd to see them next to the 2-3 done right, although most of those involves special circumstances. 

Heroes of the Storm truly is an opportunity to compare what sorts of designs Blizzard allows for female characters and to observe the most pervasive trends… Trends that can be summed up with “if no boob how woman?” and “bellies need no armor!”.

As we mentioned before, it should also be an opportunity to experiment with fixing some long-established questionable looks. It’s not like inventing completely new pieces of wardrobe for a crossover game is something new, so maybe finally someone could use that power for good?


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