nosetothewind94 submitted:

Hi BABD! I have two monstrosities for you today (that would probably qualify as “quality” bingo material), both are ads that have popped up on my torrent client and scarred me for life.

I would really like an explanation for the purpose of that metal hood and choker combination on the first picture, because the only thing I came up with is that she’s probably so ashamed of that thing she’s wearing that she doesn’t want anyone to see her face. I’m not even going to try to figure out how those leather straps attach and what the reason and purpose for them is on the lady with the uh… horns. And the sharp metal shoulder pads on the second picture are just asking for trouble. That flimsy cloth is not going to stop her from literally stabbing herself in the boob if she moves her arms.

Stormfall is a routine offender and also perhaps the laziest creator of bad archers we have ever seen – Magerealm is actually getting’s own post soon due to it’s aggressive generic design.

But before that… can we take a moment to appreciate that these ads convey literally nothing about what kind of game it is? I mean, okay “fight or die” but why would I choose either when I can just not play?

– wincenworks