This is Ravess from the show Storm Hawks. I honestly love this show more than words will ever be able to express, but her design has always both baffled and bothered me. The show is set in a world where everybody lives up on mountaintops and use flying machines to get from place to place, so people tend to wear covering, warm-looking clothes. Why then does Ravess get a boob window and ridiculously high, thin heels?

It can’t be because she’s a villain. All the other villains seem to dress appropriately, with some degree of armour. The main villain is female and wears full-body black. And surely it can’t be just because she’s female: there are plenty of other girls and women in this show who all wear outfits that are more or less sensible. Ravess is literally the only woman to show off her boobs in her primary outfit (there is an episode where she goes up to a higher altitude and wears a thick, heavy looking suit which is not sexualised in any way whatsoever) or not wear sensible leather-looking boots .

I love this show and I love the company that made it, but I know for a fact that they can do better.

This show does indeed appear awesome. However Ravess does seem to fall into the troublesome territory – and apparently studied at the same school of Bad Archery as several others (1, 2, 3).


Truly a shame, because the main line up of series looks spectacular:


– wincenworks

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