As excited I was about ME:A being announced, this (i’m sure very fast) concept art put a bad taste in my mouth. Just goes to show how silly poses for women are so ingrained into artist’s heads that they probably did it without thinking, not realizing how they broke her out of perspective (check her shoulders and feet against the man) just to achieve it too. I mean they were probably drawn separately but no one was like wait a second… lol

Happy space adventuring!

Even with equal amounts of body coverage, Mass Effect characters can’t escape the double standard.

I think kaaaaaaaaaaaaaldwin puts the problem with original picture really well in here:



Personally I am hoping that the E3 demo armor was chosen for conveying more dynamic motion and this is just a side effect of marketing people going overboard with it.  

It is good though that they’re now promoting the female option right away and I do hope that the rest of the armors will be more like what we saw last year.

– wincenworks

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