krigjer submitted:

I actually like Scarlet Blade as far as free to play mmos go (once I started laughing at the absurd armour instead of being so frustrated), so I decided to check up on it recently to see if there was anything new. I discovered they’ve introduced a MALE class, wow! Never thought that would happen. I was excited for some female eyecandy for once, but I should have known better honestly…

On the left is the new male Chaser class, on the right is the Whipper class. Notice the discrepancies in armour.

If I’m not mistaken, male characters have been available in Scatlet Blade for some time now. It’s still no less amazing how they, in their full body armor, look absolutely nothing like their purely arbitrarily “dressed” female counterparts.

Those characters, especially their clothes, literally don’t register as belonging in the same game.

I’m still hoping Scarlet Blade is some giant prank or social experiment conducted to check just how far they can go before the fabric of reality collapses under the weight of concentrated female objectification.


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