We talked about the horribleness of Spirit Stones card designs before, but the recent Escher Girls post about it inspired me to take a second look and seek out some particularly shameful examples to discuss.

This character is named Joanne and if that, atop of her vaguely sexy-nun-warrior looks and recurring cross motif didn’t make it obvious enough, she’s the game’s version of Saint Jeanne d’Arc. Her character description confirms:

Joanne prayed for peace in Brikeaz, day and night. Then one night, the celestial one appeared in her dream and changed her a fate to that of a great warrior.

So yeah, Spirit Stones literally turned a Christian Saint (who was underage at the height of her glory) into a generic “empowered sexy knight”, cleavage and high heels included.

Can’t say I’m surprised, considering other awful things the game does, like blatant double standard, treating beastly characters with more respect than female ones, creepy exotification, cultural appropriation and shameless ripoffs of copyrighted characters. But I’m disappointed nonetheless.