Ritual Entertainment’s SiN is a franchise that truly went all out on the sex sells approach.  The even went as far to hire fetish model Bianca Beauchamp to cosplay as the iconic villainess Elexis Sinclair from the first game and be a booth babe at E3.* They also hired her for modeling reference**, motion capture and extra publicity shoots.

This was all to promote for their nine part SiN Episodes series that stopped mysteriously after part one.

Could it be that sex doesn’t sell!? Is this possible!?

* I love this video because it showcases one of the drawbacks of this approach – the interviewer is clearly more interested in asking Bianca about herself rather than this game she’s there to promote.

** Why yes, they did remodel the iconic villainess to look more like Bianca Beauchamp and it was actually an improvement on her original look:


– wincenworks