kaidominami submitted:

This is for Camilla/Kamira from the recently announced fire emblem game. Her leg ornamentations are weirder than they initially seem as she’s supposed to be a wyvern rider. The saddest part is fire emblem armour used to look like this.
The game is currently unreleased so there is a possibility that she is in a cold climate at some point. She was only showed in a very recent trailer, a couple of screenshots and the box art so I had to use a extra few images to complete the bingo.
Heels can be seen here, male version of the armour can be seen here, and lack of actual breast support can be seen in this gif (which was not made by me).

In case anyone forgot, we still do think that Camilla’s design is pretty damn ridiculous, so we’re happy that among all submissions related to her was this bingo card.

I’d totally tick off “Bikini/lingerie shaped” and “Random patches of skin uncovered” too. The crotch-hole is possibly the most random cut-out for a non-sex-related outfit to have and it does show some skin.

PS: While usually I’m not very happy with how Tumblr crops tall images put beside shorter ones in photosets, and I don’t enjoy sexualized women’s faces going out of frame (fun fact: that’s why our icon shows the elf girl’s whole head instead of just her arrow-pierced chest)… here it seems appropriate. It depicts just how much focus is given to boobs and crotch compared to the rest of her… um… costume?


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