bloodlusteren submitted:

So I was playing Prince of Persia Warrior Within with a friend and we were received with this villain/boss first appearance. Her name is Shahde servant of the Empress of Time.


The second I saw it, I did the armor bingo. 


So there you have it, quite close to full bingo


This has got to be one of, if not the, most painful looking outfits to wear that I have ever seen…  representing a rare case where Penny Arcade was right on point.


– wincenworks

Shahde’s infamous metal butt floss was also among the costumes mentioned in the Gaming’s 19 most impractical suits of armor: A metalworker weighs in article that I reblogged last January.

Her costume is so nonsensical that I’m starting to question whether or not it DOES win the complete bingo, just by the shere force of absurdity.


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