ladyofpayne submitted:


And yes she stands to make attention to her butt. I am tired to see female warriors in Strategies: Spellforce, Warcraft and most of them portrayed like that while male units looks fine.

I added Thigh High Boots… partially to stress that many developers don’t seem to be aware that women can wear other footware and also to stress how close this one came to a double bingo (underboob is debatable).

Amazingly, Spellforce’s official site (aside from committing the sin of autoplay) uses a series of images to promote each of their products… all of them women in variants of bikini armor.

Based off the advertising you’d think this game is a non-stop sexy ladies pillow fighting in a time of hyper-artistic sword and sorcery…

Nothing says bad fantasy game like ridiculous hypersexualized outfits combined with minimal effort in generating scenery.

– wincenworks