If there was ever a game that was to embrace cheesecake armor for marketing – it should have been Sovereign Stone (thankfully no relation to Spirit Stones).  Marketing focuses almost exclusively on the fact it is creation of legendary fantasy pinup artist Larry Elmore – it certainly didn’t hold back with cheesecake when it came to the Kickstarter.

And the first book did seem to integrate a lot of cheesecake, at least according to the quick preview… it even bafflingly seems to suggest the people in armor die and people in cheesecake mourn them:


But… later books don’t seem to have any in their previews and reviews indicate that there’s not much later in the book.  The cover art for the first book is also.. not exactly what you’d call cheesecake.

It’s almost as if, even when backed by the God Emperor of Fantasy Cheesecake, you can’t expect people to treat your product as a serious work of compelling fiction if it looks like softcore pornography


– wincenworks