drkory submitted: 

MMO Culture News: Lineage Korea added a new class – the warrior! The poor lady doesn’t even have a bikini for battle, I’m not entirely sure how that scarf will protect her. She also seems to haven’t found enough food lately.

Lineage – being silly since 1998

I keep going to bingo this, but I keep getting terrified every time I look down and see that at some point decided that the way to make this outfit intimidating was to put a weird animal skull on her crotch.

“Horny” joke? Symbolic of their fear of the uterus and ovaries? Finished 90% of the design and realized they hadn’t put anything warrior like on it?  Lineage… terrifying implications since 1998.

But hey… Lineage 2 is in the works, a shining becon of hope:

I’m just kidding, Lineage 2 Facebook shows us a (single) decent outfit but they’re making it clear it’s going to sleazy armor central:


For some reason I’m reminded that 1998 was one of the original promised release dates for the deplorable Duke Nukem Forever.  I guess Duke wasn’t the only franchise that failed to move forward.

– wincenworks