Knight’s Fable

There’s another MMO by the guys that did League of Angels — Knight’s Fable: I have not seen a single reasonably-armored female character on their websites.  Behold!

Look at all those pointy bits.  Most of their advertizing involves the female characters, though there are guys.  Strangely, their armor and clothing offers full coverage.

Lastly, here is one of their actual advertizements on Facebook, un-cropped and unaltered.

Yep.  Makes me want to cheer.  How about you?

O_o I… have nothing to add. You probably said everything that needs to be said about this game already, lysander-gustav.


Protip: If your default marketing idea is “A sexy woman in an improbable costume, but leave most of her fact out…”


You may be super creepy.

– wincenworks