corvidaetales submitted:

I was greeted by this when logging into Steam. The interesting thing is that she seems move covered up in the shop:

Maybe she reconsidered after losing her arm…

I promised you more, and here is more. It’s hard to see, but her arm is actually there – she’s just hiding it behind herself because her ridiculous stripperific outfit doesn’t diminish her quite enough – she has to shrink her silhouette as well.

(Also, while many people have rushed to tell us that Larian apologised and fixed this, I can’t help but notice the original image appears on the Steam manual and was in early Steam promotions even though they supposed “fixed” it a year or so ago.  Note that rather than think of alternative outfits for her, they just thought of a rush variation.)

Personally I think the highlight of this artwork (in it’s many recycled incarnations) is in the background:

(I can’t be the only one who sees Gandalf yelling at a bunch of Warhammer troops to get off his lawn.)

On the Kickstarter page they announce some innovations like being able to disagree with your friends, but mostly that they want to add more things to make it the greatest RPG ever.  More quests, more dialogues, more NPCs.

Taking a look at that and their concept art page, I have a suggestion for future games.


More worthwhile costumes for female characters.  Or at least, serious attempts at them.

– wincenworks