theserenesymphony submitted (and I bingo’d):

The game’s called Sacred 3. From what I saw when looking at gameplay trailers, every single woman has exposed cleavage. I also searched around for a bit online and couldn’t find a single lady dressed in a way that disproves this. Her costume is by far the worst of all the women featured in the trailer. I believe she fills out at least 12 of the 25 bingo slots (without managing to get bingo)

Believe or not, this is actually an improvement for the Sacred franchise!  The cover for the first game was so ridiculous it broke the bingo.

I got 12 squares and regret for the minutes of my life lost watching the announcement trailer.

Tip to creators: If your costumes are so ridiculous that you feel the need to hide them under cloaks at the start – maybe try a different concept.