Something I made as a gift for myself for my birthday last week of June. Also, just in time for the release of the first issue of Angela’s appearance on the Thor related run in Original Sin.

As much as I’m a fan of battle angels (and how sadly most of them suffer from the woes of boobplates etc) my eyebrows cannot stop raising with Angela and how she is linked to the world of Asgard out of nowhere (I guess Marvel needed to make use of the money they used to purchase her.) I know, I know, it was her classic design etc. etc. A part of me was wishing that with the revelation that Angela is related to Asgard she would have some sort of redesigned armor that would fit more in the mold of Sif and Freya… but who am I kidding right? That would be close to a miracle to happen!

So I got this idea of putting Thor in Angela’s armor (Maybe that will make him feel close to his sister. 😛 ), knowing Thor he won’t really give much of a damn with appearance no? (Heck, he didn’t have qualms wearing Hercules’  attire). Add a bucket of inspiration from eschergirls, and bwala!, here’s what I concocted. A dose of sexy male armor is nice too, seeing how it is outnumbered in the overall scheme of things related to geekdom.

Dare I say it, Thor with his killer abs pulls this outfit off much more gracefully than his newly found sister does 😉

Though maybe that’s because he doesn’t wear the unbelievably feeble metal bra.