I can’t help but thinking that at this point in the intro, the girls are hoping the first epic quest will be to find them some real clothes… or at least pants.

I must stress, this was a morning cartoon show for children and was meant to get the a younger market (even though the rule books were not family friendly at the time) interested in Dungeons and Dragons.  The ages of the characters are supposed to range from eight to fifteen.

The girls are both essentially the same class (Acrobat was a sub-type of thief in the actual game at the time), and are given both alarmingly sexualized outfits and magic items that basically only help them stay out of the way.

The boys have more versatile classes (Ranger, Cavalier and Magician) that help the whole group and the only boy (Bobby the Barbarian) with just “strength" as his classes’ defining trait is the young one (who also gets a pet unicorn as well as a club).

I wonder why this show didn’t bring in a whole new audience and save the company from takeover.

– wincenworks