i am actually So Angry at the forum topic about female armor being “too concealing” lmfao

women don’t exist for you to ogle even in video games! shut the fuck up! 🙂

So… against my better judgement I went looking and I found this thread. In which the author proposes he’s not satisfied with the many existing options in clothing (even though you can literally just wear the armor on top and tell the game to make it invisible) and nobody understands what he’s asking for.

Probably because what he asks for shifts constantly as he gets more and more negative feedback from people pointing out how absurd his request is.  The two pics on the left are early examples of what he’s asking for, the two pics on the right are modifications to pics of armor he’s done to illustrate what he means.  See if you can spot any differences:


This is not to propose that he’s an evil mastermind that planned this all along, but rather that ridiculous armor, particularly ridiculously revealing female armor, has become so institutionalized in pop culture that people literally do not see the absurdity of these requests or even consider that maybe the whole premise if flawed.


So general unhelpfulness of thinking that not on the same level of Tera Online is going to reassure anyone; it’s pretty terrifying that we live a world where people genuinely think all armour should show off skin.

– wincenworks