You know, I’d be willing to give the the God of War franchise a little slack on account of how sexualized Ancient Greek myths actually are (assuming you don’t get the schoolbook friendly versions).

However, all authenticity pretty much dissolves away pretty quickly once you enough things like  the Furies.  

They all wear form fitting, push-up corsets designed to show off their boobs and that look more inspired by Dragon Age and other pulp fantasy than anything in Ancient Greek art.

Megeara (in the middle) has an extra special outfit in that it’s supposed to be some sort of bronze armor but it’s basically a leotard corset combo made of bronze… imagine the chaffing and the wedgies.

Now, there’s plenty of people (mortal and immortal) and monsters in this franchise who run around more or less unclad – so the only reason to create these ridiculous outfits is if they were somehow worried that people might be so distracted by the horror of these monsters they might not notice the boobs.

It’s crap like this that led people try so desperately to convince us that SMITE was an inoffensive product that didn’t pander shamelessly and call it “authenticity”. 

(As a side note, God of War: Ascension promotional materials also features one of the most terrifying cases of reptile boobs in the history of gaming.  On a character who is the size of a tall building.)