It says something about feminism when a character having rocket-powered high heels in a video game is a hot-button issue, like this is the most important thing going for them at the moment

And these are the same tools who post shit like “gonna crush the patriarchy with my six-inch heels” too, you’d think that with Smash’s mostly-male roster they’d be in favor of it

You know there’s a difference in actual, real life women choosing what they wear, and a video game character being presented by writers in a certain way, right? 

And no one is saying that Samus’s ridiculous, impractical, and laughable costume change is the BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE EVER. But it is, obviously, a VISIBLE one and offers a widely accessible platform to talk about the double standard of video game costuming. 

Emphasis mine.

Gotta “love” all the people who suggest that by caring about things like video game character design feminism apparently lost its priorities (and somehow, shifted all focus from any other issues, cause heavens forbid the movement cared about multiple things at once!).

It’s totally not the other way round, right? That we see the actual impact that popculture products like videogames have on the society at large and do our best to spread awareness of it!