circumvolve submitted:

I have no idea if this art is indicative of in-game graphics, but this pop-up ad is very similar to all of the art they have on the website. 

Once, fueled by idle curiosity and possibly alcohol, I decided to have a quick look into League of Angels since I found one of it’s ads particularly hilarious (in a bad way).  It is basically everything that Bikini Armor Battle Damage stands against, and is so bad it practically makes fun of itself… first let’s look at character creation – here’s all the information and options they’ll give you:

Then when you get introduced to the goddess who has selected you as her champion – a function of the game lists her as “weak”.  Upon meeting her she fulfills every brodude’s fantasy by first fixing your problem (winning a battle) then pretends that you did and showers you with praise.

Immediately after this you are dropped in to join all the other chosen ones and it is made obvious that your epic quest will never really go anywhere.  It is honestly one of the worst games I have ever played – and I’ve played Duke Nukem Forever (unfortunately).

It’s no wonder that Reality Squared Games doesn’t list this game on their corporate site and had to hire cosplayers to make costumes and pose for photoshoots in order to pretend they had creative fans who cared about the content.

– wincenworks