ladyofpayne submitted:

Another bingo. Designers demonstrate their tasetlesss even in armor bikini design- all of them look the same. This is very very sad in good MOO games

Apparently this character was used specifically to promote the Desert of Flames expansion… so while they weren’t designed for cold per se… their costume is equally stupid for desert attire (imagine the sunburn patterns).

Oh Everquest… one of the original MMORPGs and the expansion mentioned above came out nine years ago.  I’m sure the upcoming Everquest Next will be much more advanced right…


– wincenworks

ladyofpayne may have been a bit too generous with the score (I see no underboob or cameltoe in the images), but the point stands nonetheless: that’s some perfectly generic female “warrior" attire.

What surprises me most at this point is how none of those ladies seem to wear high heels somehow… Apparently comfortable footwear is a priority, but keeping vulnerable parts protected is not.