Guild Wars 2, Monster Hunters and others….

We get a lot of messages and reblogs that mention Guild Wars 2 and Monster Hunter, generally citing them as great examples due to particular costumes.

However, we are reluctant to highlight them as good examples due to one simple word: inconsistency.


Yes those are from the same game – no there’s no variant of the female Raviente armor that looks less absurd.  Likewise, Guild Wars 2 has a huge variety of armor that sexualizes female characters.

Part of the criteria for treating everyone equally is that it has to be actual equality.  So if a game allows you to dress your character exactly how you like but other players are stuck in a ridiculous and unholy mix of bikini, couture and something pretending to be armor – it’s not really equal.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for you and glad you get to represent your particular character how you like – but I’m also really unhappy that not everyone who plays a female character has that opportunity.

Ideally what we want is consistent and equal treatment for all genders – not just a few nice things for women in a game that otherwise treats them as decoration.

– wincenworks