..my move is just awful, it’s chauvinist! Every time I fall over my vagina and vulva is exposed. I might as well be an NPC that doesn’t know where to wander!

Felicia Day, playing as Tyris Flare in the original Golden Axe game, (x)

Golden Axe, the iconic side-scrolling hack’em up is also a pretty iconic example of bikini armor:

And yes, Dolph LundgrenAx Battler (that is his actual name!) is wearing a bikini too but as well as being a male power fantasy (or someone I’d expect to see featured at videogamesmademegay) he always looks badass posed like Conan the Barbarian or a classical mythological figure.  He also quickly got an unsuccessful spinoff game and you had the option to play a dwarf who at least kept his shirt on.

Tyris on the other hand, despite having a much less ridiculous name, had to wait until 2008 when she would get to be the star.  But hey, that’s like eighteen/nineteen years of social and artistic progress right?  Let’s see how they portrayed her and promoted the game!


– wincenworks